Rob's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Day 3 of 5 (Wildcard) 409 words · 2 minute read


What up world?  So, for my ‘Wildcard Wednesday’ I reached out to Amore and asked her if she had any ideas.  She told me that she just wrote and recorded a Haiti Tribute song and 100% of the proceeds go to Haiti.  Check out the song below and you can visit her site below to purchase this wonderful song and help out the victims of the earthquake.

From Amore’ Rayne:

I recently wrote a tribute song for Haiti. The tragedy in Haiti just touched my heart. It’s so sad and I just felt compelled to do something. I just had to do something! I just couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. So often we see these situations where it looks so much bigger than us. We tend to just watch because we can’t imagine our little input would make a difference. But I was determined to just do something! I came up with an idea to use our gift to help raise money to help with this cause. So I called on my wonderful network of musicians, and the result is the beautiful song called “Angels.” Everyone is working together to promote the song and 100% of the proceeds will go to Haiti.

I posted the song on my websites and youtube page. So many people have contacted me about it, one in particular was a kid from Haiti who now resides in the USA. She spoke of how the song just changed her life and that it brought her to tears. She went on to say that it gave her hope. She thanked me and asked me to continue doing what I’m doing because I’ve helped more than I will ever know. I was overwhelmed just to read her words. From there emails kept coming in from all over the world including Ghana. This is so much bigger than us. It feels great to know that even in the mist of all of the pain and hurt, my music can bring healing and hope. I thank God everyday for the gift that he blessed me with. Music is my way of communication. Without it I don’t know where I’d be…. I have to thank all of the musicians that helped me make this awesome work possible. Blue Diamond Music Group, Witness The Light Productions, Church House Muzik, and 40oz Productions. To purchase a copy of “Angels” and to donate to this cause please visit