Rob's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Day 5 of 5 (Wrap-Up) 140 words · 1 minute read

Hey everyone.  I hope all is well.  As you all know today is Friday (thumbs up).  This Friday marks the day that my Featured artist will come to an end.  I hope ya’ll enjoyed learning more about Amore’.  I also hope everyone got a chance to purchase her song to help out the victim of the earthquake in Haiti.  If you did, thank you so much - if not, there is still time :) 

I would like to thank Amore’ for all her help this week getting everything together.  She was a huge help!  

Her CD “Girl Like Me” is now available on itunes for download.  I highly suggest picking that up.  Its a great album.  - pick it up here. 

Have a great day and see you next month with another great artist from the Music Dealers catalog.