William's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Day 1 of 5 (Intro) 193 words · 1 minute read

The American Dollar

Greetings guys, hope all of your guys are having a wonderful monday morning! Mine is going great- sun shining, lots to do and it made it over single digit temperatures.

I am William A. Jara, and I’m here with my Music Dealers featured artist of the week. The artist is the band The American Dollar. They are both natives of Queens, New York, and create some of my favorite music I’ve found in our catalog. Using a vast array of textures and effects, organic and electronic instruments, they create water falls of sound and emotion that seem to play off your current moods, and the underlying thoughts in your mind. Using percussion, somber leads, swelling synths and floating accenting sounds, the songs they make seem sad, yet powerful at the same time, abstract or eclectic and yet magnificently well thought all the same. If you have some spare time and some headphones please do your ears, your mind and your soul a favor.

You will definitely appreciate the music The American Dollar creates.


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