William's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Day 2 of 5 (Videos) 204 words · 1 minute read

The American Dollar

Greetings guys, happy Tuesday!


Back again with my featured artists The American Dollar, hope you checked out their Music Dealers profile, if not, its never too late to hear wonderful music. 


This first video, is not only really dope imagery and production, but is my favorite song from the album “ A Memory Stream “.


So maybe I AM a bit of a sucker for Rhodes pianos, but you cannot say that this video is not awesome. Another well produced video with a great song to match, I love how the instrumental tracks seem to leave unanswered questions to begin with, then add in the eerie scenes and you’ve got this video below.



This next scene is from Officer Down, the score was created by The American Dollar, the track catches the tension and darkness brilliantly. The way it builds and grows in movement and strength of the emotion is perfect, check it out!


Thanks for tuning in today, be sure to check out The American Dollar’s Music Dealers Profile to hear the songs from above as well as many more.


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