Music Dealers Artist News: El Prez @ The Grasshopper 2.24.2010 94 words · 1 minute read

The Grasshopper x Animal Style

featuring performances from:

EL PREZ (Tree House Club/ FCC)

NoOne (Noni Spitz / Dae One)

Tomorrow Yesterday

Celebrating the release of El Prez’s “Animal Style!” record @

The Grashopper

(Little Temple Bar)

4519 Santa Monica Blvd.

Silverlake, CA, 90029

Hosted by:

Aceyalone, Dawn Gun, Badru, & Musi Qa SB.

Resident DJ’s:

Hines Buchanan, Main Vybe, Tommy Blak, & Val the Vandle


FREE ENTRY w/ any LA Branded gear before 10:30PM, $7 b4 11:30PM

Click here to check out El Prez on Music Dealers Dot Com!