Music Dealers Artist Opportunities: Live Nation - House Of Blues Performance 279 words · 2 minute read

Hey Everyone,

Here at Music Dealers we are always seeking new and innovative ways and ideas to put your music to work. With that being said we have a great opportunity for those artist/band(s) of the Music Dealers community in California!

Music Dealers recently teamed up with event and promotion giant Live Nation to offer an awesome experience for our members. How it works is Live Nation will browse through our completed California-based artist profiles and select one artist/band to be the opening act at their industry event on February 25th, at the House Of Blues Foundation Room in West Hollywood. The event is part of a monthly Thursday showcase with Live Nation and Renaissance artist management. This month will feature a Haiti benefit with silent auction- many really cool items will be up for auction with all proceeds going to the Unicef Haiti Relief Fund.

To be eligible for this your artist profile must be 100% complete, meaning accurate and up-to-date picture, bio, PRO, and contact information. We will be calling the winning artist/band via the number in your profile - so be sure that is accurate, so we can let you know that you’ve won.

Keep your eyes peeled for emails and notifications of future opportunities as Music Dealers has some great things in the works for 2010. Don’t miss out!

Thank you for being a part of the Music Dealers community.

Genre: All

Client: Music Dealers & Live Nation

Use: Performance

Due Date: February 22nd, 2010 12PM CST (12:00)

Other: Submit your best song (1) to this job and Live Nation will search through your submissions and pick 2 artists/bands to open at their party.