Music Dealers Events: 2nd Annual Pre-Grammy Brunch with Quetzal Guerrero 131 words · 1 minute read

Music Dealers co-sponsored the 2nd Annual Pre-Grammy Awards Brunch, hosted by Garth Trinidad. The Pre-Grammy Brunch was held at the opening of the “W” Hotel in the heart of Hollywood. Needless to say, the event was a smash success. ?uestlove opened the event on the DJ booth and Nneka, Quetzal Guerrero, Alice Smith, The Foreign Exchange, and Little Dragon all performed. Music Dealers provided music from our catalog prior to the event and during the transition from act to act. The performances were even better than expected. And as usual, Garth played the perfect host. If you aren’t familiar with the heavy stamp Garth Trinidad has put on the music industry, do yourself a favor and peep him at  Below is a video of the event featuring Quetzal Guerrero.