Rob's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - Greenspan: Day 1 of 5 (Intro) 177 words · 1 minute read

What up everyone?  The week for my featured artist has finally come!  Feels like forever since I did a featured artist.  This week I chose an artist from Baltimore, Maryland.  If you didn’t know him by the pic above, let me introduce you to Greenspan. He has been inspired by hip hop artists such as AZ, Nas, and Ugk. Greenspan began penning his own rhymes; his rhymes are so creative he’s been compared to Lupe Fiasco and Q-Tip. His first project Got Green? was a critical success, receiving positive reviews from the Baltimore City Paper, and URB Magazine, also earning him a spot on URB’s “Next 1000” list of breakthrough artists. Greenspan’s commanding performances set him apart from the competition. The Baltimore City Paper exclaims, “Greenspan launches into an uninterrupted and impeccably sequenced set, from one song to the next with no stops or errors.” As always there will be much more from him all week from videos, interviews, and maybe even some free mixtape downloads.  Stay tuned!

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