William's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Day 3 of 5 (Wildcard) 145 words · 1 minute read

Greetings guys, so I've been having a very soulful/sexy week with the wonderful sounds of Russoul.
So now I ask you- members of the Music Dealers community- for your opinion. Of the 6 songs listed (all available for a free listen at Russouls Music Dealers Profile), which do you think is the best?
Is it the story of a young man who fell victim to a sirens song on "I Love You So Much"? 
Maybe its the elegant and club friendly "Last Night", or the heart felt, tear jerker, "Send Me Back My Love".
We want to know! Have a great day!
What song by Russoul do you like most?
Last Night
The Smell Of Love
I Love You So Much
Send Me Back My Love
Smile Again
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