Drake's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - You Say France & I Whistle: Day 4 of 5 (Interview) 319 words · 2 minute read



MD: When did the band form?

YSFIW: We started one cold february evening 2006. The sky was indigo blue and we craved for creating pop music. When the stars fell from the northern lighted sky we took it as a sign to not only create music, but magic as well.


MD: What do you do for a day job?

YSFIW: We have a wide range of occupations: students, teachers and architects.

MD: What is your favorite thing about Sweden?

YSFIW: Right now we have a lot of snow melting. We have had a long, long winter, and every sign of spring coming soon is making us giggle like drunken squirrels. So one favorite thing about Sweden must be the varied seasons. And we also like swedish handicrafts and design. But the swedish polar bears are the best!

MD: Who is currently your favorite artist/band?

YSFIW: Five members, five answers: Local Natives, Mum, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Yeasayer.

MD: Do you like ABBA or Ace of Base?

YSFIW: We prefer Roxette!

MD: I heard Akvavit was good, how much of it do you guys drink?

YSFIW: Not much, but the danish act Aqua have catchy tunes, don’t they?

MD: Out of all the band members, who is the best cook?

YSFIW: Judging from food interest, the answer is simple: The Bassmonster Chris. But Claes makes really good root vegetables.

MD: Can you send me some Swedish Meatballs?

YSFIW: Well, we need some kind of proforma to do that, but we’ll work on it. But the thing is, swedish meatballs smell like fart so DHL would reject them and deliver them back to us, and if we don’t open the door they would leave them in outside our studio, and then our studio would smell like fart, and that kills the creativity.

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