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On Wednesday March, 9th 2010 Inglewood rap duo U-N-I along with producer Ro Blvd unleashed to the massed “A Love Supreme 2.0” a re-release of their acclaimed LP “A Love Supreme” which was given away for free via download. ALS 2.0 basically takes many of the gems from the original and reworks them along with five new tracks. Guest that go along for the ride include Evidence (Dialated Peoples) and Houston rap pioneer Bun B (UGK). For those that purchase the hard copy of the album, a DVD entitled “U-N-I & Ro Blvd A Love Supreme” is included, which chronicles how these three guys came together to craft one of the most talked about releases of ‘09 (without the help of a major label). This is an album you definitely need to have in the library!!

Check out the making of their video “Lately” Remix feat. Miguel:


Here’s the finished version, U-N-I feat. Miguel “Lately” Remix,

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