Music Dealers Event: Music Dealers Musical Seduction Party 2.6.10 373 words · 2 minute read

The Music Dealers Musical Seduction was quite a successful event last February! The weather cooperated with us and we only got very minimal rain which let our guests float between our lounge in the garage, the living room and the outside porches. This was our best turnout yet with the amount of industry folks that came through and mingled throughout the day. Dj’s Axel, Jonny Radtke, and Matt Er Afact provided great music throughout the day and Oh No Not Stereo killed their live acoustic set…they got a fantastic response from all our attendees.

Attendees included the following noteworthy people: Franklin Vanderbilt (drummer, Lenny Kravitz), Bam Margera (actor. Jackass), Warren (Bam’s friend who is also involved in Jackass), Patrick Belton (works for Gary Calamar-Music Supervision), Eric Szmanda (actor, CSI), Katie Sippel (Activision), Sugar Lyn Beard (show host and interviews a slew of celebrities), Sugar brought a friend who is also on CSI, NUDE (band from Orange County), Emma Ludbrook (assistant to Jared Leto), Shayla Mcgee (EMI PUBLISHING), Austin Blank (actor), Carlos Haynes (film editor), Mike Sandoval (Music Dealers Consultant), Philippe Ifergan (Talent Management), U-N-I and their manager, Family of the year (band from Los Angeles), Shannon Garrison and Steve Erickson (Warner Music Group), Mat Devine (from Kill Hannah), Nono loves Deta (band from Los Angeles, Nico from the band is also in Bloodcat Love), Genevieve Wong (E Entertainment), Cassidy (rock and republic), Marco Campobasso (editor at, Heidy Vaquerano (lawyer for Family of the Year, also represents Tupac’s estate), Farah Syed (William Morris), Jbeau Lewis (Agent CAA), Trauma Deville (band from Los Angeles), Valentine (band from Los Angeles), Chris Kostrzak (, also an artist and editor), Living Dead Lights (band from Los Angeles), Leila (CBS), Melissa Stern (music at Fuel Tv-Fox Cable Networks), Kelly Paiste of Paiste Cymbals (Franklin uses her cymbals exclusively, she wants to donate cymbals to sxsw, also wants us to meet her A&R guy, Coriy Arckin (signed to Cherry Lane, touring artist), Antony Demekhin (Account Executive, leo burnett), Ed Faktorovich (fiance works at Trailer Park), Chad Brisky (Freelance Graphic Design, Photographer), Greg Wayne (from Something to Burn), Family of the Year & many more!

Check out a video below and we hope to see you at the next party!