Music Dealers Artist News: Ampeater Music Features Emanuel and the Fear Free Digital 7-inch 161 words · 1 minute read

Ampeater Music Features Emanuel and the Fear Free Digital 7-inch!

While Emanuel and the Fear may be busy on a rampage of success around their European tour and album release at the moment, things have far from slowed down Stateside for the band. With an in-depth review and 7-inch exclusive download from our good friends at Ampeater Music posted today, Emanuel and the Fear has finally received the beautifully crafted written critique that the band has always deserved.

“They succeed because their music is earnestuncomplicated in its complexity.” - The Ampeater Review

While there’s no denying Emanuel and the Fear’s ability to create brilliant pop songs and have them exposed to audiences worldwide (hence a song placement for MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” show that aired yesterday), Ampeater Music does a phenomenal job of delving into the heart of what makes Emanuel and the Fear so extraordinarily unique.

The Ampeater Review - HERE

Download the Ampeater Music Digital 7-inch download - HERE