Music Dealers Company News: Closed Sessions Austin Trailer 337 words · 2 minute read

Music Dealers + Ruby Hornet + Soundscape + SSL

“Behind great music is a great story.”

The above quote is the true driving force behind Closed Sessions, the record label we launched with SoundScape Studios towards the end of 2009. At Closed Sessions, we bring artists to our city and our studio, open up our production resources and address book, then just get out of their way as they do what they do: create great music. Closed Sessions Vol. 1 featured new music and a glimpse into the lives and recording habits of Curren$y, Bun B, Skyzoo, Rhymefest, U-N-I, Emilio Rojas, Kidz In The Hall and many, many more. Shortly following the release of the EP, we partnered up with Music Dealers and SSL, took our crew and Closed Sessions idea to Austin, Texas. From March 17th-22nd, we ate, slept, and s**t music. Literally. Our mansion in Texas, became a 24-hour studio and creative outlet. Artists passed in and out at all hours, from all regions, and all sub-genres within Hip Hop music. In that time we were able to record 11 new songs, shoot a video for “Happiness Before Riches” and capture many great stories and moments.

The result of all our efforts will be the second release from our Closed Sessions label: Closed Sessions Austin. The release will take the form of an EP and a documentary accompanying the music and telling our story. Below is the first taste of the Texas experience as the trailer for the forthcoming documentary. It outlines our goals in going to Texas, a few of the problems we encountered along the way, and a glimpse as to the artists and people that made everything possible.

Special thanks to every single person that came into the house, whether to record or even just lend support and check things out.

Extra special thanks to SSL and Music Dealers for partnering with us for Closed Sessions Texas. Watch the trailer after the jump.

Closed Sessions ATX Trailer from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.