Toine's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - Ace Enders: Day 2 of 5 (Videos) 127 words · 1 minute read


Happy Tuesday good people, all is well in the land of Music Dealers as I hope it is where you are. Today i wanted to bring you all some performance videos of Ace Enders.

This first vid is from a performance at Emo’s in Austin, TX on while on the Copeland Farewell Tour (which he is currently still on) check it out:


Here is Ace with his band “I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business” performing “Old Man Your Not Good At Talking Anymore”


Here is another “I Can Make a Mess…” performance at a Haitian Benefit concert, the song is called “So I Finally Decided To Give Myself a Reason”



:::Click here to check out Ace’s Music Dealers artist profile:::