Drakes Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - Jenna Bryson - Day 4 of 5 (interview) 800 words · 4 minute read

If you could mold 2 singers, which two would most resemble your style?

I think Sara Bareilles for that pop-soul sound and Jewel for the folk-Americana girl in me.

What do you want for your career?

I want to walk into Target and hear one of my songs playing over the p.a. system. I want to be watching TV and hear one of my songs in a commercial for the newest romantic-comedy starring Katherine Heigl. I want simple, fun, meaningful-to-me things. And a million screaming fans would be nice, too.

What is the most rewarding thing about having a job as a princess?

All the hugs that I get PAID to receive from the most adorable, sweet, smart, hilarious kids you will ever meet.

Which one of your songs do you think will be a break out single?

This is a tough question… “Me Minus You” has been doing really well since we released it in summer 2009, winning contests over on OurStage.com, being featured on blogs, played on podcasts, and even some AAA radio back in Virginia. I think that song still has a long way to go… that song is running a marathon right now, but some other songs of mine like “Alternate Ending” and “You & I” plus songs that are still in production, such as “Happy”, could be contenders as well.

Which venue would you love to perform in?

Merriweather Post Pavilion back in my hometown of Columbia, MD. I’ve always dreamed of going back and playing Merriweather. Not only have a seen a bunch of performances there, but I also graduated high school on that stage. What a full circle moment that would be, to have a show there.

What is your favorite website that’s not geared toward music?

Does my TMZ count? Actually, it would probably be Amazon.com because I do a lot of shopping on that site. They have everything!

On a lazy day, what’s your favorite thing to do?

Sleeep! Yes, sleeep with three ‘eee’s because I tend to do a lot of it when I have nothing else to do.

Favorite actor?

Currently, it’s Ricky Gervais. He is hysterically British and awkward and wonderful. And he actually made me cry when I watched him in “The Invention of Lying” – his performance was really touching.

Favorite actress?

Lucille Ball. I do some acting as well and would LOVE to be as funny, charming, goofy and lovely as she was.

Favorite movie?

I can’t say just one. But I can give you my top 5: Pleasantville, Princess Bride, 16 Candles, When Harry Met Sally, and The Silence of the Lambs.

I can see that you are comfortable being in front of a camera, would you like to be involved in musicals or just stick to singing?

Oh yes, I am a musical theatre girl at heart (I even spell theatre with an ’re’ as you can see, which means I’m very serious about the stage… not really, I just think it looks old-timey and cool to spell it that way). I was so bummed I didn’t get to audition for “Glee”… maybe I should write a treatment for a scripted show about singer-songwriters? Starring YOURS TRULY!

What are YOUR seven wonders of the world?

In no particular order, off the top of my head: 1) Music 2) Dance 3) Writing 4) Acting 5) Vanilla Lattes 6) Cheese Enchiladas 7) Life

If you had to take vocal lessons, which artist would you love to be your teacher?

Christina Aguilera! I don’t think I need to tell you why. The girl can kill it!

Elvis or The Beatles?

The Beatles. Sorry, Elvis. Although, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is one of my favorite songs.

Who has always had your back and been a supporter of your music from day one?

Awww… my dad. He follows me on all my webpages, always knows what my latest Tweet or Facebook update was about, and always has good words of advice on staying focused, strong, and positive.

What would you be if you chose to take the other path?

Oooh… the “other path” sounds so ominous. You know, there is nothing I want to be other than an artist, a creator. If I’m not singing my own songs, then I’m singing someone else’s songs, or doing more community theatre, or pushing my acting career, or thinking of what I want to write a novel about. I even like to paint and take photographs. I can’t help it. I just want to be creative.

What essential things do you need for the studio?

An iced vanilla latte to-go and a sweater (it can get cold in recording studios). That’s it! I have fairly simple needs.

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