Music Dealers Artist News: brandUn DeShay - Three! To Get Ready URB Review 346 words · 2 minute read

The highly anticipated fifth installment from Chicago’s own brandUn DeShay has been reviewed on and recieved 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Should be a good listen for any music lovers.  The release date is tomorrow on his official website.  Below of the review from as well as the link here.


URB Review

With Common off doing the movie thing and Kanye hiding out like some sort of hip-hop Gollum after “Swiftgate,” the city of wind has been fairly quiet on the surface. Luckily, underneath the guise of inactivity, brandUn DeShay has been hard at work. Three! To Get Ready, surprisingly enough, is actually the fifth project released by this Chi-town representative. And his experience shows. Handling most of the production as well as rhymes, DeShay is an incredibly well-rounded individual- offering both of these things in a very unique way. Striking a refreshing balance between being introspective and braggadocian, tracks like “Good Morning Ceven,” mentioning such things as the risks and emotional turmoil involved in taking the road less traveled, are sure proof that brandUn plays by his own rules. Does it pay to go outside the box? In this case, absolutely. The production, ranging from pseudo-dance jams and smoothed out tribe-called-quest-like songs to surprisingly refreshing boom-bap, keeps things as interesting as such off-kilter punch lines like, “I’m a pro with the pain, on my Hank shit.” Guest spots help to round tracks out but honestly, brandUn most likely would have had no problem carrying all of the lyrical weight if he wanted to. While feature-heavy songs like “Awe Stars” (Casey Veggies) and “Hate To Say I Told U So” (featuring Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea) are both super solid with hard beats and rhymes, the Dom Kennedy and TiRon assisted “Wish Me Luck!” feels a little lackluster as a 2010 version of ATCQ’s “Electric Relaxation.” Even still, Three! To Get Ready is thirteen songs that will without a doubt solidify DeShay’s place in hip-hop as the next MC/producer to take over everything he touches.

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