Toine's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - BOSCO - Day: 2 of 5 (Videos) 136 words · 1 minute read

Happy Tuesday one and all! One day closer to the weekend so let’s make today productive. For day 2 of my Artist Spotlight on BOSCO, I wanted to begin with her video for “Blues for Blue/Black & White”. These two songs appear on her critcally acclaimed debut album “Spectrum” and the re-release “Spectrum 2.0”. I picked these two videos b/c they act as the perfect visual to the music, capturing the essence of each song without over doing it. BOSCO’s talent sound is so refreshing, I’m sure somewhere Jospehine Baker, Bille Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald are smiling. Check them out:

Blues for Blue/Black & White:


The next video is for the song “It Was You” this is from BOSCO’s “Sprectrum 2.0” to say its a great song would be an understatement. Just listen for yourself: