Toine's Music Dealers' Artist Spotlight - BOSCO - Day 3 of 5 (Wildcard) 133 words · 1 minute read

So you may be wondering to yourself, “Self, how does someone who works as hard as BOSCO like to relax and unwind after countless hours in the studio or show after show after show?” I’m glad you asked, for BOSCO one of her favortie pastimes is watching cartoons! So for this Wildcard Wednesday I wanted post some of her favorite cartoons.So every few hours I will update this post with one of BOSCO’s favorite cartoons. Let today be a day where we go back to a time when cartoons didn’t require a parental discrestion advised disclaimer, and you could actually watch cartoons on a Saturday morning even if you DIDN’T have cable.


First up Tiny Toons (I personally loved watching this show as well)


Here is another favorite of BOSCO’s: “Doug”