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BOSCO was gracious enough to take some time answer some questions that I hope will help you all get a better understanding of who she is. We talk about a number of topics from her EP Spectrum and her upcoming LP “Black” to what it’s like in the very conjested music scene in ATL. Enjoy!

1. After being in the industry and having experienced many things that come with the pursuit of creating and performing music. What would you say is the difference between the Bosco of 2010 versus the Bosco that began this journey?

Being comfortable with the many styles I choose to sing. There was a sense of confidence that came when I returned from my European tour, I began to dig and dig deep to find who I really am and still doing a lot of self discovery at this very moment. Being in this industry you are definitely forced to grow-up, with that comes disappointments, heartaches, the pleasures and the pain. Its up to you to decide how you deal with it. That’s who Bosco is……i think! lol


2. How difficult is it to create music that #1 people can relate to and not have it go “over their heads” and #2 stays true to who you are as a person w/o compromising your artistic integrity? Is that something crosses your mind when creating music?

Of course it does, but I often play that VERY fine line, for example “blues for blue/black&white”, it gives the listener something they can relate to yet keeping my integrity. Although, I do want to be selfish and just make some music that i just put out there with no explanation and no reason. Its for the people who can pick it apart, who can feel it or even smell it.


3. I was lucky enough to catch a live performance of yours while down in Austin, TX (which you killed btw) I was blown away with the energy and passion you give on stage. Is your persona off stage similar to what it is on stage?

Yes and No, this is because I am a high energy person in general, I LOVE PEOPLE!! I love “relationships”, meaning the process of getting to know someone, lunch, dinner, and coffee shops. Bike rides and sunsets. I would say that the performer “Bosco”  is more amplified, more confident, fearless, and will strip naked on stage without a doubt in my mind. Well, I probably would do that on any given day. I am a TRUE southern belle, very hospitable and loyal, and my “listeners” (fans) know that I give them everything. But there is a soft side to me, i love having long  in-depth conversations about “art, music, and nothing”. Bosco is simply dumbed-down off stage but the same intensity.


4. Personally I compare Spectrum 2.0 to a meal served buffet style, a little bit of everything to chose from and savor. How would you describe the direction you are taking with your new record “Black”? Will it be as diverse?

ummmmm good question, its funny you asked that because as of lately I’ve been dabbling into EVERYTHING and genres that i haven’t tried yet. Honestly I want a little bit of everything on this album too, but mostly geared in folk/rock/blues/soul. I hate doing just one thing in my music process, I am inspired daily and by the smallest things. Its the little things that make my tick.


5. With hip hop being the dominant pop culture and there being so many rappers nowadays, are you finding it more and more difficult to find venues/shows that allow you to perform with other artist that are in a closer lane to what you do? Is that something that frustrates you?

YES OMG!!! With experimenting with different sounds and now that I am playing the guitar I dont think that this album will “box” me in. Its so much that people don’t know I can do I cant wait to discover me, to discover music, to discover all the gifts inside of me. I’m learning so much about the person inside of the person…


6. If I were to take a poll from the people in your circle, what do you think would be the most common thing that they would say about you?



7. How heavily are you involved in the making of your records?

VERY, I’m actually proud to say that I am doing music production for myself right now but I have people who are backing me who are more musically trained….in this industry you cant rely on people 100% you have to give them something to work with….


8. Describe your current single “Ragdoll” and how it came about.


 9. Can you give me a sense of what it is like to be a young, female, indie artist in Atlanta?

Alone in a crowd of many…….


10. Other than your new LP “Black”, what else can fans expect from Bosco in 2010?

Artwork, short films, and I’m going to introduce my lamp line in a couple of months


I got 10 on it!! (fill in the blank)


1. First thing I said this morning was:do i have to get up now???___________________

2. My favorite food is:fruit rollups__________________________

3. My zodiac sign is:__Capricorn___________________

4. My favorite curse word is:fu*k lol_________________________

5. The last movie I saw that had me dying laughing was:__i don’t watch funny movies really, i don’t watch TV kinda i rent documentaries mainly or watch old school cartoons on my vhs ___________________

6. If I had the power to change anything in world, the 1st thing I would do is:save myself from myself______________________

7. My mood today is:_inspired____________

8. The song that gets the most play in my iPod or CD player is:ponderosa, i dont know the track title right now___________

9. The Thought of _HIM__________________always brings a smile to my face.

10. Something people might be surprised to know about me is:I’m afraid of EVERYTHING______________


Any parting words?love changes

and best friends become strangers, word up”-Nas

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