Toine's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - BOSCO - Day 5 of 5 (Wrap Up) 175 words · 1 minute read

Well friends, we have come to that part of the week where I must bid you adieu. Before I go I want to send a very special thanks to BOSCO and her manager Fadia for being so easy to work with. I am looking forward to hearing BOSCO’s new album when it is complete, I highly recommend everone to go out and BUY a copy. If you have the opportunity to catch BOSCO live, do yourself a favor and make it a priority to see this young lady do her thing. Trust me you have never seen a more engertic performer! Hopefully I can catch a show when I’m in the ATL or when/if she comes to Chicago. Until then, support your local talent, have a great weekend, and let’s do this again real soon. Peace & Blessings

Oh yes I almost forgot as a special treat I have posted BOSCO’s latest single “Ragdoll” which I think is great. This song would definitely do well in a television show. Check it out for yourself: