Music Dealers Artist News: Daria Dzurik's New Album "Calliope" 121 words · 1 minute read

Thought of by fans and listeners as “…early No Doubt meets Regina Spektor,” Music Dealers artist Daria Dzurik has just released her first full length album “Calliope,” recorded and produced in New Orleans. Named after a street in the neighborhood of the muses in The Big Easy, “Calliope” combines a multitude of sounds including indie-pop, calypso, soul, retro, and New Orleans funk and rhythms. Originally a classical pianist at Florida State University, Daria let songwriting interfere with her practice, which has now lent a hand to an album of fresh quirky-pop, full of blended influences of a variety of styles and places. For a full list of downloadable tracks, Click here!

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