Music Dealers Artist News: Leaving Richmond - New EP! 134 words · 1 minute read

Check out Music Dealers artist Leaving Richmond’s new EP titled “The Secret Traditions of Washington Ave. EP.” 

Leaving Richmond is an ambient/instrumental and electronic music project formed in New York, NY in 2007, now residing in Los Angeles.

The music encompasses rich ambient soundscapes, emotional melodies and intricate acoustic and electric guitar work. All of the music is underscored by electronic production and grooves.

The music is regularly streamed and broadcast worldwide and being used in film and TV projects (The NY Islanders TV show: Islanders Illustrated, Robot Chicken on Adult Swim, SiTV, The Red Cross). leaving richmond is gaining a loyal fan base throughout the instrumental and electronic music universe with a unique style of ambient, post-rock, symphonic, and down-tempo/chill out elements.

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