Music Dealers Press: Eric Sheinkop Ad Placement Panel - Key Takeaways 258 words · 2 minute read

@Music & Advertising: 5 Tips To Drive More Sales With Ad Placements

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Managers and publishers shared their thoughts on connecting artists to a larger audience at “Taking It To the Next Level: Using Ad Placement to Drive Sales,” a panel at the Billboard Music & Advertising Conference on June 15.

Representatives from Glassnote Records, Zeitgeist Artist Management, Whitesmith Entertainment, Cherry Lane Music and Music Dealers discussed how a music synch can help drive sales, and what mistakes to avoid when licensing a song.

Below are some key takeaways for helping a synch reach its fullest potential.

  1. Rely on data collection in order to reach casual music fans as well as the diehards. “You have to treat yourself as a brand,” said Music Dealers president Eric Sheinkop. “It’s just as important to do your own test marketing and research.”

  2. For a television ad, push for a visual credit in the agreement with a company, so that unfamiliar viewers know what song they’re listening to.

  3. Make sure the product that the song is being linked to coincides with the artist’s music and message.

  4. Don’t have an artist give away their song for free on iTunes – otherwise, you’re not providing a client anything of value.

  5. Although free syncs are occasionally helpful, try to avoid them, or at least receive a credit in the ad for the song. “Just don’t give it out for free, try to get something for it,” said Sheinkop.

By Jason Lipshutz, N.Y. - SOURCE