Rob's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - Summer Rona - Day 4 of 5 (Interview) 979 words · 5 minute read

:::Basic Music Questions:::

How long have you been doing music for?

All my life, literally. My mom and dad met in a band and I was going to gigs the minute I was conceived, or shortly there-after.

What was the first record you bought?

Really? I’m supposed to remember that far back? Um…well, first of all, it was more like a cassette tape and it’s either Whitney, Janet, Paula Abdul or Michael Jackson. I don’t know who came first. But I definitely remember the kids at the bus stop making fun of my MJ poster hanging on my wall. Brilliance always is misunderstood.

Who are your influences?

My parents for sure. Dad was classically trained and played Bach & Beethovan, Franz List, etc. & mom sang like Karen Carpenter. Then there’s my favorite, the ultimate performer of pure perfection, Michael Jackson. Stevie Wonder, Whitney & Mariah, Babs, Bette Midler, Celine Dion, Lauryn Hill, Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin, 2 Pac, Nikka Costa, Tower of Power, Beastie Boys, Heart, Tori Amos, Madonna, Rhianna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, TLC & on & on…….

Explain your sound in 3 words.

Soulful, Strong, and Sassy

Craziest show / fan story.

Last summer I performed for 20,000 people in Taylorsville, Utah. I know, CRAZY HUH? Who knew there were that many people over there! It was thrilling and fun to bounce around on stage with a full band and orchestra. I just had to say, “LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM!!!” …and they did! Oh, & then there was the time my neighbor showed up at my door with a T-shirt he made that had a big ol’ picture of yours truly on it. Okay, kinda creepy!



Food? I love ALL food, except shredded coconut. Mexican food used to be number one, but I’m really loving Thai and Sushi lately.

Season? Hmm, let me think..Uh….SUMMER! 1. Actor? The hilarious Jack Black, the genuine Sandra Bullock and the beautiful Ms. Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts. . Sorry, can’t just pick one.

Clothing brand? I’m not really into brand names. If it’s cute and sassy and calls my name then I’ll go for it. Doesn’t matter whether it’s at a yard sale or a fancy boutique. I like to mix a couple of high end pieces with some vintage or thrift store finds and make it my own. I love color & accessories and have a hard time toning things down. I would dress over the top all the time if it were appropriate.

Movie? I absolutely loved “La Vie En Rose”, the story of the French singer, Edith Piaf. My grandmother was French and I feel a deep connection with the people and music. Edith literally sang for her food, her rent, her sanity, her life! I feel this way about playing music. It’s more than a “career” it’s a way of life and I would shrink and die without it.

Dessert? “Better than Sex Cake”! Seriously, that’s what it’s called! But I think it should be called, “Even Better WITH Sex, Cake”. ;-)

City to perform? I sang at a Roman Amphitheater in Capernaum, Israel and it was breathtaking. I have family out there and felt right at home. And then of course there’s the dream; Madison Square Gardens, in good ‘ol New York City, which I have yet to do.

City to chill? The spectacular Lake Powell that stretches between Utah and Arizona. I’ve been chillin, waterskiing, hiking, house-boating, catching lizards and bats there every year since I was five.


:::Random Questions:::

You have unlimited dollars and can buy any one thing - what would you get?

I’d buy out Donald Trump & then fire him. Who’s the boss now b#@$?

What was your worst job you ever had?

Would you believe I was a car saleswoman? I totally rocked it too! I made salesman of the month my second month. All the guys hated me because when I came in, I knew nothing about cars. They thought I was the secretary at first. Haha! Despite my success, it was brutal. High heels, 12 hour days, slimy co-workers who were less then gentleman-like, shoveling snow off of 200 cars, in my heels mind you, racing to get customers before the boys stole them, crazy cursing and smoking and disrespect. It was an exhausting fight to survive!

What do you think about the oil spill?

With all the advances in technology, how come someone hasn’t figured out how to stop this? I mean really, aren’t there people who do this kind of thing?


:::First thing that comes to mind when you hear…:::

Lady Gaga – Shoes

Beach - Sun

Captain Crunch – Yum!

Football – Soccor?

Chicago – My BFF Ashleigh

Family Guy – my X Lover

Kanye West – Taylor Swift


Anything else you want to say?

I’m really starting to enjoy the present moment for the first time and it has nothing to do with my external environment. Happiness is so easily lost when it is dependent upon outside influences. I root myself in things that last and I practice letting go every day. Life is surprising me all the time. I have had my share of bad surprises but I know there will be many more good ones to come. Music has literally saved me and allowed me to express myself in an honest way. It is amazing to be able to create something from nothing and hear that it inspires someone. That inspires me to go through all that is necessary to be a successful artist and to be brave enough to follow my dream.

“…if you believe yourself worthy of the thing you fought so hard to get, then you become an instrument of God, you help the Soul of the World, and you understand why you are here.” The Alchemist PEACE and LOVE and MUSIC, Summer Rona