Toine's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - Salme Dahlstrom - Day 1 of 5 (Intro) 136 words · 1 minute read


Greetings good people, wow feels like it has been forever since our last visit. It ok though, this week Artist Spotlight will more than make up for lost time. Salme Dahlstrom’s 2008 release “The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade” was hailed as one of the best dance albums of ‘08. The album, which was self written, self produced, and recorded in her New York apartment has received critical acclaim and garnerned much attention scoring a few dozen placements in huge television commercials and TV shows and steadily building an audience for her infectious pop songs that easily merge brains, brawn, femininity and fun. Stay tuned this week for a fun filled ride and get to know the artist The Wall Street Journal deemed “The Licensing Queen”


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