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Greenspan Releases Highly Anticipated Mixtape “Got Green 2”

Taking His Career to the Next Level, Gaining Respect from &

Baltimore, MD (Monday, July 12, 2010)- Welcome to Greenspan Day! The day the world goes green! The hip hop artist Greenspan is certainly a stand out individual, only he’s equipped with a mic & a pen. Baltimore based hip hop artist Greenspan, Federal Reserve Music Group, IllVibes-DMV & are proud to present, also in association with Water-N-Oxygen and Herkules World Promotions, “Got Green 2”. With the project being released via; one of the top music sites, Greenspan has continued to prove to the hip hop world why he is here. “Got Green 2” is Greenspan’s 3rd studio release, and is the most personal. It’s mixed by DJ Soundwave and features production by Mark Henry, Live Beats, DJ Booman, Mizfitz and features the vocals of K. Holloway & Karron Johnson.

When listening to “Got Green 2”, you will definitely be taken on an experience. From the highly energized “Keep Up” track with 368 Music Group’s Phil Ade (which was featured on, along with his lead single “Calling Me”), to the Baltimore Club track “Colours” to “Skytanic”, which is a track way beyond it’s time, very futuristic, walking on the moon type of groove. You will definitely learn more about who Greenspan is and what kind of work you can expect from him. Greenspan states “Got Green 2 is my best project to date. I feel that each song shows a particular level of sophistication and progression from where I’ve come to where I am going, you can experience my growth.”

This project is available exclusively on and can be downloaded by clicking HERE!

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