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New wave hip-hop duo Moxie Black strikes again!

“So Much Better” is a post-modern juxtaposition between anti-establishmentarianist tendencies and western eco-polity in the frame of global economics…………NHHAT!

Call it the summer-jam of 2010, easy to reminisce to, but so much better to make new memories with. One part indie-pop, two parts hip-hop, shake, stir, now drink it up!

STREAM: Moxie Black - So Much Better

The group is still buzzing from the success of last week’s electro-infused debut, “Risky Bizness,” which landed them a spot on Complex Magazine’s 5 O’Clock Shuffle:

“Today’s leaks are all about artists who know no genres… Moxie Black clashes indie electro backdrops with hip-hop and R&B sensibilities.”

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DOWNLOAD: Moxie Black - So Much Better 

Moxie Black’s eleven-track album How Did This Happen? will be available as a free download on August 18, 2010.