Music Dealers Out N' About: Slum Village @ Double Door Chicago 7.10.2010 168 words · 1 minute read

Last Saturday Music Dealers was in the building at Double Door. Slum Village headlined the evenings festivites and had the crowd in the palm of their hands the second their feet touched the stage. Breezing through cuts from their new album “Villa Manifesto” (due out July, 27 2010), remaining members T3 and Elzhi traded bars back and fourth like the seasoned pros that they are. Despite the AC being off on a 85 degree night and having the placed packed, all in attendance completely forgot about the otherwise unbearable heat when classic cuts like “Climax”, “Tainted”, “Fall In Love” came blasting out of the house speakers. In addition to T3 and Elzhi controlling the crowd, they were soon joined by rumored new member Illa J (younger brother of SV co-founding member and producer extrodinaire J-Dilla who passed away in 2006), causing the crowd to erupt. Upon his entry to the stage Slum went into their classic “Raise It Up” which sent the whole place into a frenzy.