Music Dealers Artist News: Mr. Robotic - Create Art That Reacts 228 words · 2 minute read

As he gears up to release his BOY IN THE BAND - A LOVE STORY in October, Chicago’s Mr. Robotic has a treat in store for his ever extending fan base. Re-launching his Facebook page, he is giving his followers and supporters the opportunity to win customized Visa cards and a Mr. Robotic inspired laptop by supporting him and his endeavors on the social networking site.

Choosing to maximize his brand using Facebook, Mr. Robotic hopes that fans will turn to one of the world’s most popular sites to discover more about him and his flourishing career. “I love giving my supporters an experience,” he explains. “So me launching this innovative Facebook page was just another thing I wanted to do for all the people that support me. Branding and marketing are just as important to me as the music.”

Inspired by the lyrical dexterity of Kanye West and the effortless energy of the Black Eyed Peas, Mr. Robotic guarantees a smash with the BOY IN THE BAND - A LOVE STORY EP. Embracing real life experiences while working with a select cast of producers, Mr. Robtic continues to create music which puts him in his own lane that he has masterfully crafted.


Access Mr. Robotic’s Facebook page and enter to win HERE!


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