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Afro Omega’s lead singer Elisa took some time to answer a few questions about the forming of Afro Omega, future plans, and gives us an idea of what the music scene is like in Salt Lake City…

  1) Let’s start with the name, what’s the meaning behind the name “Afro Omega”?

  Our keyboardist and founder of the band Bronte James and I were thinking of names for a band. Bronte, who had a huge afro at the time inspired me to name the band AFRO OMEGA.  Not sure where the Omega came in, but it sounded cool.

  2) How did the band come together?

  We were just some friends that love music and happened to be musicians too.  We wanted to start something exciting, fresh and meaningful that would bring people together and It all just started with a thought and kept getting bigger and bigger as we started recruiting band members until it grew to what it is today.

  3) A lot of people might find it shocking that a band as awesome as AO! Hails from Utah. What’s the music scene like there?

I can only speak about the city I live in which is Salt Lake City.  Salt Lake is like any major city but it’s just smaller.  It’s got everything you would find in any other city, it’s just on a smaller scale.   The thing that would suprise most people is the huge reggae/underground hip-hop scene, supporters and artist.  People assume that SLC is a bunch of Mormons but in reality it is a diverse and beautiful city.  I don’t think it really matters where you come from though. Music is universal and if you feel it, it’s bigger than where you live and are born. I do feel like my environment has come out in my music though and I feel the high & dry desert come out in some of our songs

  4) Though your music is based in reggae, there are some other influences that can be heard. Who are some of the artist that you listened to that you feel have had a major influence on AO!’s sound?

  We all come from diffirent musical backrounds so I think that’s why we have such a unique sound.  Although we all love reggae too, the influences from our childhoods and past come out in our music.  Some of the artist that have influenced us include King Tubby, Bob Marley, Sly & Robbie, Horace Andy, Sade and Zap Mama but there are too many to list them all.

  5) For someone that has never heard your music before, how would you describe AO’s music in 5 words or less?

  Fresh. Buy our CD’s!

  6) Is it difficult to mesh four band members and their personalities into one cohesive unit to create music?

  It’s not difficult for us It helps that we’re all good friends and we all seem to come together when it comes to music. It almost seems like there is a bigger force driving this band. It just seems to always come together.

  7) Where does the inspiration for you songs come from? The lyrics sound like they may be drawn from personal experiences.

  I do all the writing for the songs and YES, they do all come from personal experiences. From different era’s in my life.

  8) On the band’s MySpace page I saw that most of you performances have been on the West coast. Are there any plans to tour the Midwest/East Coast in the near future?

  We are in the process of writing a new album right now so, yes, when our album is complete, we would love to tour the midwest and eastcoast.

  9) Which gives you the best feeling, creating or performing music?

  I love the rush of performing live but I also love the long term gratification of writing and creating music to perform and record. They are both very important and fullfilling as an artist.

10) Any last words?

  Watch for the new album and show dates! Buy the CD’s that we already have out thanks to all our fans and supporters of AO


I got 10 on it (fill in the blank)


1. First thing I said this morning was–what a crazy dream!

2. My favorite food is–Indian food.

3. My zodiac sign is–Libra

4. My favorite curse word is–I don’t have one.  I try not to cuss…I’m a lady ;)

5. The last movie I saw that had me dying laughing was–Tropic Thunder.

6. If I had the power to change anything in world, the 1st thing I would do is–Eliminate nuclear weapons.

7. My mood today is–hopeful.

8. The song that gets the most play in iPod or cd player is–Lee fields & the Expressions “Money is King”.  It’s been on   repeast for the last few days.

9. The Thought of –my kids–always brings a smile to my face.

10. Something people might be surprised to know about me is–I’m Guatemalan.



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