Toine's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: AudioDax - Day 1 of 5 (intro) 139 words · 1 minute read

Hello world and Happy Monday!!! Once again it’s that time for me to bring you another awesome Music Dealers Artist Spotlight. For this week I wanted to spotlight one of the most a hip hop duo that has one of the most refreshing sounds I have come across in some time. AudioDax is the product of two college students (Thomas a/k/a Temble and Matt a/k/a Krypton Flow) who both had a love for good music. After countless tree top meetings(yes they literally climbed trees and had brainstorming sessions) to discuss their ideas, AudioDax was born.  Stay tuned this week for some dope music, awesome videos, and a great interview in which we talk about everything from music to Megan Fox to Koalas (and yes the small furry marsupials). 


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