Music Dealers Artist News: Michael Pane Selected For Inclusion in Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem Album 494 words · 3 minute read

Milwaukee native Michael Pane has been hard at work this year with Tommy Lee and Methods of Mayhem on the recording of “A Public Disservice Announcement.” Michael’s work on two song titles from the album were selected from over 10,000 submissions around the globe via With help from guest spots with artists like Chino Moreno (Deftones), Deryck Whibley (Sum 41), and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback), A Public Disservice Announcement was solidified. The album spans a vast array of genres, covering rap-rock (“Drunk Uncle Pete”), nu metal (“Fight Song”), and dance-rock (“All I Wanna Do”).

The songs “2 ways” and “Back to Before” catered to Michael’s dance sensibility and his work was featured in the final mixes of this full length Roadrunner/Warner bros. release. The album went on sale this week everywhere. Michael states “I’m so pumped and excited that they used a string composition I did. I’m primarily a guitarist but I also do keys and program. This is a composing type of placement for me as well because I had written multiple string layers in one of those parts.” Pane enthuses on to state that “This is a big accomplishment for my music. Tommy is someone I look up to from high school. He’s one of the icons in the industry. To be on his album, along with he and Rob Zombie’s producer, is a life changing accomplishment for me.”

Pane speaks very highly of the place the album came to fruition, The Public Record. It is an interactive music community site conceived of by producer Scott Humphrey where people can share their song ideas and collaborate with one another online. The band worked with fans to write the album. Tommy and the band members started the basic framework of each song and allowed anyone who wanted to the opportunity to add his or her ideas to those downloaded “stems”. Participants recorded their parts and uploaded their submissions back to Tommy and Scott through the site’s server for them to add or replace to the existing parts that Tommy and the band had written. Tommy and Scott posted videos every day of the week for about 7 or 8 weeks giving shout outs and feedback for the submitted parts. Tommy reiterated in the videos that “ I listen to every one of the 10,000 plus submissions. If you skip anything, you might miss a perfect diamond in the rough. So you have to.” The entire ten song album was created this way including a few bonus tracks. Tommy will be playing the debut single from the album “Timebomb” on Jay Leno Wednesday, Sept. 22nd. Tommy went on to state in a UK interview for “As soon as the record comes out I’m going to contact them and when I go through their city/town/country I’m going to get them to come up and play. That’ll complete the circle for me and for them.”

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