Rob's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Tiff Jimber - Day 4 of 5 (Interview) 508 words · 3 minute read

How long have you been doing music for?

I’ve been playing piano since I was 6 and songwriting since I could speak. I’ve been making money from music now for 7 years.

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Makes ewoks dance

Who are your influences?

Sara Bareilles- she’s great John Mayer…..I’ll have sex with him some day….it’s a goal of mine. Lady Gaga Nina Simone Ben Folds

What was the first record you bought?

tape was Tori Amos “Boys for Pele” CD was Fiona Apple “Tidal” Actual record- haven’t yet. Every record album I have was given to me or stolen from friends, not actually paid for.


Food : “Tiffy loves FRENCH FRIES!!!!” …spoken in a demonic voice full of vengeance.

Actor : Ben Afleck…..yes…I will do him some day as well. Not a top goal of mine, but a goal none the less.

Movie: Any movie that makes me cry. I love to cry. The Wrestler was great.

City: New York Bitches!!!! That’s right!!!! New York. New York. Favorite city to tour to would be Philadelphia, PA Favorite city to fall asleep in a park: Chicago Favorite city to pee in an alley- New York!!! Holla at yo girl Favorite city to drive through: any where in Vermont

Drink At A Bar: anything with double alcohol. “Tiffy loves Liqour!!!!” ….spoken in a drunk demonic voice full of love.


Michael Jackson glove

Chicago food

Family Guy turn it off

Music Licensing $$$$$$

Kanye West idiot


What is the worst job you have ever had?

Being a runner at a studio, and record company all at once. They should have had at least 4 runners for the studio alone.

How do you like living in California?

I’m from here. I love it. San Diego bitches!!!!… I responding to these questions by saying bitches too much?

Explain a typical day for you.

7:30am cuddle with puppy bear (that’s my dog that looks like a bear, but is a puppy)

8:00am sad attempt at exercise 8:30am shower and shave my beastly legs and arms

9:00am breakfast.. I love breakfast 9:30am water garden and cut caterpillars in half

10:00am respond to emails and update my status with a profound quote

11:00am send out booking emails

12:00pm eat lunch…not as exciting as breakfast

1:00pm Practice- piano, vocals, accordion, scales, writing

2:00pm receive an email about a song needed for a commercial- due the next day

2:02pm freak out and book time at the studio

3:00pm write song

4:00pm write song

6:00pm go to studio record Jingle for commercial- due tomorrow

7:00pm Still in Studio

8:00pm Still in studio

9:00pm get dinner. The least exciting meal of the day

10:00pm leave studio

10:30pm write more emails for booking, promote shows, catch up on Real Housewives of NYC

12:00am snuggle with puppy

12:20am puppy is annoyed and starts growling, go to bed.

Your song can be the theme for any TV show - what would it be?

“My Life on the D list” I love Kathy Griffen