William's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Bilss - Day 3 of 5 (Wildcard) 152 words · 1 minute read


Greetings Guys!

We’re all grinding along here through another busy Music Dealers week!

One of the main things that keeps me sane during these hectic days is keeping something interesting playing through my headphones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pop music and how well thought the songs are.

But there is something I can’t describe about blasting something through my headphones that sounds like nothing I’ve heard.

You know, that warm rush of endorphins that come over you when you close your eyes and let it flow through your soul.

Bringing you the freshness, my Spotlight Artist Bliss has gracefully allowed me to share with you one of her most interesting tracks.

The song is called “Shooting Starz”, and if you like hearing creative and new music please do your self a favor and download her song!



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