William's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: HiFi and The Roadburners - Day 5 of 5 (Wrap-Up) 148 words · 1 minute read

HiFi and The Roadburners


Thank you guys for tuning in!

I hope you all had a great time listening to one of my personal favorite bands in our catalog, and hopefully you guys were able to find a band that you really like as well.

HiFi and The Roadburners will be performing at Betty’s Blue Star Lounge Saturday, September 18th at 9 pm. Doors close at 5am and the Bama Lamas will also be performing.

Betty’s Blue Star Lounge: 1600 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, Illinois.

As a final note, an eloquent quote from HiFi and The Roadburners:

“We will be up here for a while, so I hope you guys like the way we sound and I hope you are ready to dance ‘cause if not… Go fuck yourself!” HiFi and The Roadburners

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