Toine's Music Dealers' Artist Spotlight - Natalie Oliveri - Day 4 of 5 (Interview) 1016 words · 5 minute read

1. Seeing as how you are from Chicago, there is one question that I have to ask right off that will tell me a lot about you……..CUBS OR SOX?

Lol, that’s hard to answer. I’m all about Chicago so I always root for both teams! This is the greatest city in the world, right?

2.Tell me about your musical up-bringing, seeing as how your sound is so diverse I’m curious as to the types of music and the artist that you listened to growing up.

Well, my cultural background and upbringing has definitely played a huge role in the different styles that I try to incorporate within my music now. Being that I am Half Colombian and half Italian, I grew up listening to a lot of Latin music as well as a lot of Motown Soul from Marc Anthony singing salsa music(before he met J.Lo!) to Marvin Gaye, Sinatra and Stevie Wonder. I listened to anything and everything that was on the oldies station. In my teen years throughout the 90’s I fell in love with Hip-hop and Jazz. I would overall categorize my genre as Soul Music with different stylistic elements of everything!

3. You now have countless performances under your belt, do you remember your first time performing in front of a large audience and what that was like?

Ah Yes. It was at the age of 16 at a High School Talent Show. I went to a big school and the assembly was filled up with hundreds of crazy high schoolers! I accompanied myself on the piano and sang one of my first originals “In Time”. I had so many mixed emotions inside of me all at once. I was scared, excited, nervous etc… As I continued to perform, it became more and more comfortable. I was in my own little world living inside of the song. I can’t fully describe that amazing feeling but at that moment I knew that this is what I wanted to do in my lifetime. Make Music. Feeling the positive energy from the audience was so incredible. Will never forget it!

4. Where is the weirdest place and or time you have gotten inspiration for a song?

At the DMV (department of motor vehicles)! I was waiting for my number to be called an I kept hearing noises. This bell kept ringing in a rhythmical way as some guy next to me was clicking his pen. I randomly came up with this melody and lyrics about “waiting all day…”. I had to step out for a minute to record it on my cell phone so I wouldn’t forget!haha. My inspiration for creating a song always happens to be when I least expect it which is why I probably have over 50 recordings of melody lines on my Blackberry at the moment:)

5. When its all said and done and you look back over your career, what do you want people to say when they talk about Natalie Oliveri?

Overall I just want to know that I made a positive difference in ppl’s lives through the music that I create. Whether it be that one particular song that got somebody through a rough time or whether I inspired other artists to create with what I’ve done. I just want to share it with as many ppl as possible. Make good music that people can relate to. Bring ppl together. Make it universal. It amazes me how music is the one language that everybody in the world can speak and feel! It’s so powerful and I just hope that ppl will love, respect and appreciate the work and emotions that I put into my songs. I hope that all of the music that I create in my lifetime can one day uplift others the way that my favorite artists have done for me.

6. When you’re not on stage or in the studio, what are some things people might be surprised to know you are into?

Alright, we’re getting a little personal here;) jk. Well….I dance Colombian Folkloric Dance Music professionally, I love kid cereal (yes, I still eat lucky charms from time to time, lol), and I secretly love acting. I practice in my room in front of the mirror occasionally!haha.

7. Do you see yourself ever signing with a major label or is being independent the best route for you?

I’m a big believer in listening to my own instincts so for now all I can do is go with the flow and see where it takes me. I think there is definitely more freedom with being independent but I would consider possibly going major in the future. It all comes down to creative freedom. I’d be open to going with a major label if I had some creative control over my musica.

8. What are your views on music licensing in what some call this “new” age of the music business?

Well nowadays there are more opportunities for artists to be considered for music placements, which wasn’t the case a few years ago. This is a great opportunity to get noticed and get your music in front of a lot of people at once. During this “new age” of the music industry I feel it’s important for an artist to align himself or herself with the right brand and vice versa. Overall, You really have to stand out as an artist to even be noticed in this “new” age.

9. How can fans keep up with you and purchase your music?

Fans can catch me on, youtube channel, and my website for the latest updates. Also, my EP titled “Eclectic Soul” is currently on Itunes U.S, Itunes U.K, and Amazon Mp3. It’s great to be able to connect from people all over the world. Follow me and I will follow you!

10. Any final words??

Yes. I want to give a special thanks to Music Dealers for allowing me to share with all of you! Currently working on the next album as well as some new music video’s coming soon so stay tuned!!:)