Toine's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - Marla - Day 4 of 5 (interview) 1177 words · 6 minute read

I. Let’s start at the beginning, as a child were you the kid singing into her hairbrush in the mirror? What was your favorite song to sing?

Yes very  much. I have to say I did spend quite a lot of time dancing around to “I should be so lucky” by Kylie Minogue with a hairbrush (or a water bottle- that works too).

II. At what point did you know that being a singer is what you wanted to do?

I always wanted to sing. I started when I was young singing musical theatre but never as an ‘artist’. I always wanted to pursue it, but it was only later, only 2 years ago- I went full circle and jumped at an opportunity to get in the studio… the second I was there I knew that I needed to sing as a profession.

III. Many artist have to go through a period of “paying dues” before they achieve some sort of success. Thinking back on the early stages of your career can you recall some of your first shows and things that stick out in your memory?

Omg yes. Well, apart from writing in diaries and tape recorders when I hadn’t reached the stage of actually getting in the studio. I moved home to London for music. I was living in LA. A great chance for me came up to play on Ch4’s Hollyoaks Music Show Unsigned Act- i packed my bags to follow my heart and see where it took me. A show I remember was a festival in Brighton. I was on at 9am on a Sunday morning! I dragged my best friend with me for the ride… don’t get me wrong,  I don’t mind the early mornings but playing to an empty, massive, circus tent you can say was a highlight! That show helped me ton… even if your connecting with 1 person at a gig (even if she’s your best friend) it means that under pressure I was more prepared for high-pressure shows.

IV. Where would people most likely find you on a typical Saturday night (provided there is no show):

A.    Local nightclub setting the dance floor on fire (figuratively speaking of course )

B.    At home reading a book with a nice cup of tea

C.    In the studio putting in long hours working on new Music

D.   At a local bar having drinks with friends

E.    Other (please explain)

Sometimes I’m up for a night out dancing or sometimes I’m more in the mood for sushi and movies. If I needed to finish a tune and it wasn’t a birthday,  I would tell my friends that I’d catch them another time…

V. What profession could you see yourself in if you were not a singer?

I started off in film as a production designer… found that wasn’t exactly for me but I love movies and have continued to direct a feature documentary while I’m singing.  I would love to head down that path if I didn’t want to run for the top of the mountain and sing my heart out…

VI. Seeing as you have had some pretty awesome placements, what would you tell another singer about the benefits of licensing? In addition what would you tell them about Music Dealers and what make us sooo much more cooler than other companies?

I’ve been really lucky to get the placements that I have which came from literally writing a hundred emails and picking up the phone to everyone I knew to see who I could get my music too. If you put the time and energy in then you’ll see a return, whether it’s a new contact, an opportunity to get in front of a new audience or placing music in films to get the word out there. The syncs really kick started my career. The door opened to some massive writers… which lead to some great songs

Although I am unsigned and waiting for that next step of getting a deal,  I have the rights to my own music and making the most of this time. as I’m able be in control of the way I manage my music while taking advantage of all these great opportunities. Its harder to get placements when you cant pre clear them. For example say there is a great placement that would reach my music to a wide audience or an exchange of services i.e. an in store performance in exchange for letting them use my tracks on there website. I would say, be open to that as it will only lead to bigger things.

Music Dealers has really been a huge support. I went to New York and played their Knitting Factory CMJ show. I able to meet some great people and play in front of American industry, which lead to a really productive trip. I love that Music Dealers really cares about me as an artist and wants to develop me as an act by helping me get my music actually heard. There is a really open door there, any questions and I send an email or pick up the phone and can have that direct contact. They also have asked me to commission some songs to projects that they think my sound would directly match… the times I have worked to a brief have been really interesting and has in turn improved my writing skills.

VII. If you could have your music featured in any television show and also have a guest-starring role what show would it be and why?

Californiacation, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl…  Grey’s Anatomy goes without saying. I love a bit of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital

Guest starring role would have to be someone who shows Donald Draper who’s boss in Mad Men… or a cheerleader gone wrong in Friday Night Lights (I think with a bit of work I could kind of pull off a Texas accent).

VIII. If you could only take 5 albums with you into the afterlife, which ones would they be?

Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Damian Rice- O

Outkast- Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below

Florence and the Machines- Lungs

TLC- CrazySexyCool

IX. What’s an interesting talent you have or fact about yourself that people would be surprised to know?

i’m a qualified ski instructor

X. So what can your fans expect from you for the rest of the year and in 2011?

For the next couple of months London bound, in the studio and playing shows in the UK till the end of the year. I’m so excited for 2011 as I’m bringing out my track BETTY THE RAVER. It’s a chance to really get out there and get my music heard.  I’m headed back to LA after that to write a musical with Tone- a US producer… play some more shows in the states and then back to London for the summer to play festivals and wrap up the record!!

I’m taking everyday as it comes


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