William's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Rob Roy - Day 4 of 5 (Interview) 395 words · 2 minute read


Where are you from?

I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida. Also known as Duval, in reference to the county. Or as my producer Luke and I have coined it, Little Egypt. 

How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music?

I was in a band at 19, but I didn’t start viewing music as a serious career choice until 24.

How do you balance your career with other obligations- friends, family, love?

I defer to a quote I read once, “There are only 2 questions one must ask of oneself: 1) Where am I going? 2) Who is coming with me? If you ever get those questions in the wrong order, you are in grave danger.”

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?

I find inspiration in the unknown.   

What are some of your earliest memories of music?

Watching Michael Jackson videos, and listening to the radio in my mother’s car.   

Was rap always the genre you were drawn to?

Not at first. I grew up listening to what my parents liked: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Madonna, Prince, Sade, Roy Orbison, 50’s-60’s doo wop. It wasn’t until high school that I became a serious fan of rap.  

Classic American car, or expensive import/what would be your dream car?

I’m not really too into cars. I can tell you that it would be black. And that it would have an amazing sound system. And A/C.   

What was the most interesting place you’ve traveled to?

Paris, France. 

What was the most ridiculous place you have ever performed (either good or bad)?

The Great Salt Air, in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s been burned to the ground, flooded, and re-built a few times. It’s said to be haunted. I also stayed the night. 

Did you have any vocal training?

Yes, the summer before 9th grade. I took vocal lessons for a month.  

If you could have your music used in any movie past or present, what would it be?  

I’m not quite sure how it would fit, but my answer would be “Amélie.”

How did you choose your name?

It was chosen for me. My birthname is Robert Raimon Roy. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

I see myself shifting the paradigm.

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