Music Dealers Artist Opportunities: The Sounds Contest: "Better Off Dead" 280 words · 2 minute read


The Sounds are poised to release their newest album, Something To Die For, this coming March. In a matter of weeks, The Sounds will be releasing the album’s first single, “Better Off Dead.”

We want to invite our Music Dealers artist community to become intimately involved with the single by recording their own version of the song. The band will pick their favorite rendition of “Better Off Dead” and will feature it as the b-side of the 7” single to be released worldwide.

Here’s the catch: You will have to record your version of “Better Off Dead” without ever hearing the original song. The Sounds have posted the sheet music of the single on their website, Click on the button “Get ‘Better Off Dead’”, download the sheet music, and let your creativity flow. Bring any style to the table!

Along with the grand prize of winning to be on the b-side of the 7” single, fans will vote on the entries in different categories like “Most Original”, “Most Like The Sounds”, “Best Video”. In a few weeks, the Sounds will announce the winners. Those winners and the winner of most plays will win cool stuff from the band and anyone who has downloaded the sheet music will then receive the actual single for free.

Get to work on this great opportunity and have more eyes and ears on your work! Best of luck!

Click HERE to get the materials!

ARTISTS: If you submit to this contest, please let your C.A.R.E. Rep know! We want to see your hard work and offer any of our friendly advice, so feel free to shoot it over to CARE - AT- .