Music Dealers Artist Opportunities: Add Emotion To Your Texting 263 words · 2 minute read

Well, we’ve managed to dig ourselves out of the snow here in Chicago and unearthed an exciting and innovative opportunity for all of you Music Dealers artists!

If you hadn’t read the email we sent out earlier in the week, Music Dealers is proud to announce our newly formed partnership with Rednote.

Rednote is an application for the Android and Apple mobile platforms that makes it possible to send music along with your text messages. Its a simple app to use, all it takes is for you to download the app on your phone, choose a song, enter the recipient and senders identity, and then your 140 character text message.

Its a very fun way to send messages to friends from you or “someone else” (not that we would condone such a thing in the slightest).

What you do is scroll through the list of artists, preview/choose a song, writing the recipient and who is sending it, then write your message and hit send.

Within seconds your friend will receive a text message with a link to the song and also, it will have a link to purchase the music.

The best part about that? Rednote features exclusively Music Dealers artists!!

So maybe its your child sweetheart you’re texting, a family member, or maybe even a good friend of yours who becomes hilariously uncomfortable after you send him messages with the song “Beautiful Boy” and a short, but sweet message.

Whoever it may be- Rednote is a very fun and entertaining app that can give life to otherwise lifeless text messages.