Music Dealers Out N' About: Shannon Curtis @ Elbo Room 2.17.11 190 words · 1 minute read

Greetings Guys, I am William Jara, and I’m here with our latest installment of “Music Dealers: Out N’ About.” I was talking to one of my very talented artists the other day when she was so kind as to invite me to a show she had here in Chicago. Its not everyday you can add a face, voice, and personality to music you enjoy, so of course I was inclined to check her out.

Needless to say; I enjoyed every minute of it. With the mastery of skilled painter, her voice was the brush that filled the canvas of Elbo Room with a full spectrum of color. Her voice alone was enough to make the hair on my arms stand on end. When accompanied by her Wurlitzer playing and the use of laid back notes and perfect vocal timing, I know you will be able to enjoy the image she creates. I’m very happy to have been invited, so of course I’m happy to be sharing this with the world. Have a wonderful weekend guys!!

William A. Jara

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