Music Dealers Events: Showcase At Ogilvy Advertising, London With Mama's Gun 164 words · 1 minute read


Last week Music Dealers put on an event at Ogilvy Advertising in London, and it was a massive success!

Mamas Gun was the band we chose to showcase with Ogroovy (Ogilvy’s Music team) and the band was in fantastic form as they ripped, funked and played their way through 6 songs from their brand new album, ‘The Life & Soul’.

The gig took place in the ‘play’ area of Ogilvy’s amazing and massive Canary Wharf home. Mamas Gun were the first fully amplified band to play there, and judging by the crowds the band drew, they were obviously impossible to ignore! A big thank you to Simon @ Vodka O for providing the vodka, creatively made into ‘mud cocktails’ by Ogilvy’s own bar staff.

A huge thank you goes to Tara from Ogilvy and all the members and management of Mamas Gun.

A truly successful gig and we hope to do it again very soon!

Enjoy the video! Lily – London Office