Music Dealers Press: Billboard Magazine - 30 Under 30 Featuring Eric Sheinkop 222 words · 2 minute read

Eric Sheinkop

Co-Founder, President, Music Dealers

Eric Sheinkop, 29, started out in management, forming Bandit Productions when he was just 16 years old. But early on–in 1999, by his estimation–he concluded that “it wasn’t about the record labels anymore [or the] traditional lanes artists used to hope for or aspire to. There were a lot more opportunities out there.” Sheinkop wound up rapping on a McDonald’s commercial in 2006, which inspired him to create Music Dealers, a licensing firm, two years later with his brother Jonathan and other partners. Now he’s doing deals with the likes of Coke, MTV, CBS and the Facebook gaming company Kboom for a client list of product lines, TV and film studios, ad agencies and videogame manufacturers. Music Dealers reports that it raised $3.1 million in financing in 2009-10. The company is engaged in nearly 2,000 worldwide licensing deals for single songs and full-blown campaigns, along with private parties. Music Dealers also works with more than 10,000 acts, using licensing to build careers for acts like Hey Champ, Family of the Year and Sweden’s You Say France & I Whistle. Extras:

Quote: “It’s an honor to be among the young, thought and action provoking individuals leading our industry. Change comes from a fresh perspective.”


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