Music Dealers Artist News: Mr. Robotic Talks Beats and Brands 199 words · 1 minute read

Mr. Robotic Talks Beats and Brands

Music Dealers artist Mr. Robotic, met with ASCAP recently for an interview covering his licensing experiences and everything else music.  It’s a great read for all music fans and artists.  He even gives a shout out to Music Dealers!

My friends The Cool Kids had a placement in Entourage two years ago. I never knew you got paid for that, but it was just like “Wow, I want a song in TV!” It just looked cool to me. Then I met the Vice President of a company called Music Dealers at a party, and my friend told me I should talk to him. So I talked to him, and he hit me up the next day saying he heard a lot about me, and I should log into their system. So I did that, and they got me a placement literally a month later. My song called “Hit the Dance Floor” was on a show called The Beautiful Life on the CW. After that, everybody was hitting me up on Twitter about it, saying “Oh my god, I just heard your song,” etc. etc.”

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