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Music is universal. It can be experienced in thousands of different ways, through numerous means, anywhere on the planet. It can incite hundreds of emotions, raising listeners to a euphoric height or dashing them to the depths of despair. In the words of eminent sociologist (and chair of the Mercury Music Award judges) Dr. Simon Frith, ‘Music is what makes us human.’

That said, when it comes to brands, music is a complicated area where long-maintained myths hold fast: music is only relevant to a youth audience; music is ‘too subjective’ to be quantifiable or converted into metrics; music is only relevant to TV advertising.

But all this is changing. Thanks to a variety of factors but most prominently the internet, we are witnessing a seismic shift in ownership, creativity, licensing, festivals, distribution, process, production and sharing of music. So, the question arises how best to navigate this unchartered digital and musical space?

On September 9th, 2011, Ogilvy will be hosting Lab Day Live, a day of music featuring panels and talks from a range of key figures from across the music industry. From 1pm three stages will also be in operation, hosting some of the most exciting contemporary British music acts around.

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Josua Burke, Director of Operations USA - Music Dealers

The old myth perpetuates that music is ‘too subjective’ and ‘not quantifiable’. What this disregards is the myriad of information that is now available to us today about people’s musical tastes. We all know what newspapers our target read and what television programmes they watch, so why don’t we know what they listen to? Here Music Dealers provide a simple analysis of what one specific audience is listening to and engaging with to demonstrate that even in the notoriously subjective music space we can nonetheless be informed by hard data.



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