Music Dealers Artist News: The Boy Illinois - Listening Party 230 words · 2 minute read

Please join The Boy Illinois for the his listening party for his new mixtape, “Inhale Pt 4 Horai” October 25 at The Foundation Room House of Blues Chicago.  Music Dealers will be in the building so come out, listen to some good music and have a drink.

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About The Boy Illinois:

Many have tried to compare him to other rappers, but The Boy Illinois (Illi) is in a league of his own. With honest, heartfelt lyrics coupled with hard hitting beats from in-house production duo, The Baron Boys, who’ve produced for the likes of Drake, Nipsey Hussle and more; the young lyricist/songwriter plans to follow in the footsteps of Chicago artists before him, while carving out his own place in music history. Leaving college to pursue music full-time, Illi first made noise in 2008, releasing his first solo project Inhale Part 1: State Representative, and also released a music video for his single, One Love. A year later in August 2009, he released his second mixtape, the critically acclaimed Inhale Part 2: Loyalty Before the Love, on which he showed amazing lyrical growth and overall progression as an artist. Now with the release of his third mixtape Inhale Part 3: Afterschool Program, The Boy Illinois stands poised, yet patient, and is ready to solidify himself as a musical force in hip hop.