Music Dealers Placement: TV Commercial - Lenovo 292 words · 2 minute read

What Our Client Requested:

Our client had developed a commercial spot in which we the viewers follow a day in the life of a “rock band” to see how their Lenovo IdeaPad U260 powers their “do.” They needed a song that could fit into the creative spot that had already been shot, and a song that could be convincing enough so that the audience could believe that the song was by the band in the commercial. Creatively, the band needed to sound like a touring band, with a rabid fanbase, as seen in the commercial. Additionally, the vocals HAD to be recorded outside of the U.S. in order to avoid SAG union fees, and thus keep the budget manageable.


Our creative team went to work using our Discovery Tool to search for music by bands that fit the sound and look of the band in the commercial. Simulteneously, our artist relations reps cross-checked each of those bands to ensure that the songs we submitted were indeed not recorded in the U.S. While our team came up with several options to share with the agency, the song that captivated us and the one to immediately rise to the top of the list was the track titled “Middle of The Night” by a UK band called Tiger Love. The song had a DIY feel, some attitude, and the energy and tempo that worked well in the spot.

Decision Process:

The client loved the Tiger Love track and when synced to the spot, it fit perfectly.  They let us know that was the song they wanted to go with. 


The feedback has been great and to this day, most people still think that the band in the commercial is Tiger Love!

Final Product: