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Introducing - Music Dealers

Now this all about a company was established in 2008 and over time has grown. It is a company that helps out the independent artists out there as well as music producers and they aid them in getting their music to any of the big time companies that they work with. The name of the company is Music Dealers.

This company was started out from the minds of Eric Sheinkop and John Williamson and the companies chairperson J.J Sheinkop. They work with the artist so they can have their music featured on TV, in movies, advertising, and video games. This year alone they have helped 24 bands with music deals worth $10,000 each. Here is an example of a success story with the company a local DJ and producer DJ Jason Tyler a colleague of co-founder Eric Sheinkop, he was one of the first artists to sign up with the company. He uploaded some music onto the site. Four years later one of his tracks was featured in a Target commercial. And this clearly helped DJ Jason Tyler because he got more fans because of being featured in a commercial, and more money for himself. While at the same time he is still the owner of the music and that is one thing the artist always has doubts about. But that is what makes this company different from others. You are the owner of your music, they only help you on your way to success.

The company has worked with artists so they can get featured in various tv shows and networks such has HBO, CBS, FOX, Showtime to just name a few. In July, Music Dealers united with Coca Cola, and then in September they have an office in the corporate offices of Coca Cola in Atlanta where they aid Coca Cola in their ads and they will be helping Coca Cola in 2012 as part of the Olympic campaign, so nothing but good things are happening for Music Dealers.

This is a small business which was founded by artists who wanted to help the indie artist so they can make some money for themelves while at the same they don’t gain a lot of money for themselves, all the attention goes to the artist.

They have various locations from coast to coast. Their offices are located here in Chicago, also in New York and Los Angeles. They have a staff that has worked in the industry for over 50 years worth of experience. So if you are a artist or producer that right now is saying well “I am not too comfortable with this” Trust them. It is always good to see a Chicago company that is having success.

If you are interested in their services I have enclosed their website and you can look thru their site. Enjoy.

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