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KBooM! Games and Music Dealers Launch Sound City, Redefine Brand/Game Experience

Chicago-based custom game design company KBooM! Games™ announced the release of its first game for Facebook today. Sound City™ is a custom game created in collaboration with Chicago-based music licensing company Music Dealers™, one of the world’s top licensors of independent music from trending artists for television, movies, video games and big brands. Sound City provides hundreds of millions of Facebook users the opportunity to listen to and discover new music from globally diverse up and coming bands, while engaged in a virtual gaming environment.

“Sound City delivers consumers an experience inside Music Dealers’ powerful music discovery tool. Players use Music Dealers’ intelligent search to find cool new music in the Facebook game, and then share it with their friends,“ said Steve Gradman, KBooM! Games president. “We design games that immerse players in an environment replete with the experience and attributes of our partner’s brand. The brand becomes integral to of the game strategy, instead of interrupting the game as an ad.”

“We wanted to work with a game company to bring our cutting edge technology and amazing artist catalogue directly to consumers,” said Eric Sheinkop, CEO of Music Dealers. “Exposing our artist community to millions of potential new fans is obviously a value-add for them. As part of this gaming experience, we are also developing a groundbreaking market research tool driving additional value for our brand and entertainment clients.”

Players in Sound City control a DJ, an avatar, and design their own nightclub. They use Music Dealers proprietary search technology to create unique music playlists from tens of thousands of songs that they can then share with their friends on Facebook. In addition, players can search by lyrics or keywords. Game-play includes missions where players search for songs to fit a specific mood or brand. Players rate songs throughout the game thus allowing Sound City to collect real-time data on trending songs. In addition to the Facebook Game, KBooM! also released Sound City Music Trivia, a companion app for IPhone.

“It’s exciting to have our first foray into direct consumer communications be in a platform that’s really breaking new ground for brands, and to be on the cutting edge of developments in the brand-game relationships,” said Eric Sheinkop, CEO of Music Dealers’ LLC.

“Now more than ever, brands are looking for ways to interact with consumers in a meaningful way,” says KBooM! Games President Steve Gradman. As more brands evolve from traditional advertising to social gaming, KBooM!’s immersive model will help them penetrate the market and further engage their customers.

About KBooM! Games™

KBooM! Gamescreates custom branded social media games and mobile apps in collaboration with businesses that immerse consumers in an interactive experience while creating awareness and purchase intent. Based in Chicago, Illinois, with production studios in Qingdao, China, KBooM! has a high quality, low cost speedy solution to custom game design. Comprised of a team of veteran fortune 500 consumer marketing talent, as well as cutting edge game development expertise, KBooM! is equipped to understand and navigate the marketing challenges corporations face in today’s rapidly growing social and mobile gaming category. KBooM! KBooM!’s client services also include strategy, hosting, regular game updates, community management and retention, and Social Media Optimization (SMO).


About Music Dealers™

Music Dealers, LLC( is a full-service music licensing company that offers a groundbreaking platform to talented artists from across the world who want to connect with advertising agencies, production houses, brands, and gaming organizations. The catalogue includes over 150,000 pre-cleared broadcast-quality tracks from up and coming musicians worldwide, which are all actively searched 247 by hundreds of professional music supervisors, including all major programming networks such as Viacom and CBS. Music Dealers also sources custom music through a crowd-sourced virtual music studio for consumer brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonalds, and Kellogg’s. Offices are located in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and London.

By Jennifer Amdur Spitz – SOURCE